How to create an embed code for your infographics

I’ve been looking at ways to generate backs for my other sites, and one of the tried and test routes is to build contact lists of websites that might be interested in my content and simply share an asset that they can use. This is where having an embed code that helps your audience with providing the correct attributions and of course backlinks.

There are a load of places to go on the web that offer free code generators, but the one that I have used for the example below is from Siege Media (Nice job Siege). This is a free code generator that doesn’t try to attribute themselves in the process, which several of the others I have seen try to do.

They have a nice simple input form for all the details you will need, and then two output boxes, which I’ll explain as they could be labelled in a clearer way

  • Use this code: Which is what you can enter onto your site, this will create a code box in your post that allows other users who are browsing your site to grab the embed code should they wish.
  • Results Preview Share This Image On Your Site: This is the code that end users would use on their site, the code that you want them to use to get your attribution and link back.

Simple as that.

If you wish to share other good embed code generators, leave a comment below.

If you are just starting out, have you though about using any software to help smash your SEO?

Our favourite tool of the moment is SEMRush as an all in one tool. Track your keywords, audit your site, research the market and understand your competiton. Check em out.

Embed Code Generator
Links are the lifeblood of SEO

“Fast websites that adhere to accessibility rules and have highly relevant well optimised pages will only go so far. Backlinks are needed to fuel better rankings “


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